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FOCUS - The principals of Potash & Company have specialized for more than three decades in serving clients engaged exclusively in international trade, transportation and logistics.

City of Peking

Pacific Mail steamer "City of Peking," ca. 1874, Potash Collection

RELATIONSHIPS - The Chinese concept of "guanxi", meaning business connections and relationships, has been central to success in China. Guanxi is built on trust and mutual benefit. The PR industry is not known for long-term relationships, the average¬†client relationship lasting 18 months to two years. ¬†For us, deep relationships are the goal. For the client, they promote enhanced access to its publics and growth opportunities.  For the provider, they produce satisfaction.  At Potash & Company, the average duration of our ongoing client relationships has been greater than 17 years


Some of our collecting interests related to trans-Pacific trade and transportation are also posted for your enjoyment, and we invite dialogue and contributions in these fields. (Menu below)


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